CPU Load

How much your virtual CPU is loaded with work.

Event Rate

How many events per minute is your virtual machine is producing.

Job Rate

How many jobs per hour is your virtual machine completing.


Your ranking along the volunteers competing in this project.

Challenge Aborted

Could not start session: User denied

Welcome to the Virtual LHC Challenge

(Here will be an introcution to the Virtual Atom Smasher challenge and what you are going to do)

Your virtual accelerator is initializing

Chill... bad things happen

It looks that something went wrong while trying to prepare your computer for the Virtual LHC Challenge.

Try the following solutions:

If nothing of the above works for you, you can check for a solution in the LHC@Home BOINC Forum.

(We are now Idle. Here will be a teaser showing various facts about CERN and LHC)

(We are waiting for a job. Here will be a more proper interface.)

(We are now live. Here will be a proper description regarding the kind of the simulation you are currently working on. For now, some debug details are shown below)